Grisedale Tarn

Seat Sandal and Grisedale Tarn

('Seat Sandal' from the Old Norse : Sandulfr Saetr : Sandulf's mountain sheiling (summer pasture))


the reverse view: 


Grisedale Tarn from Seat Sandal


Dollywagon Pike at left, St Sunday Crag at right; the path to Fairfield lower right ~ Grisedale Tarn directly below with the view down  the length of Grisedale to Ullswater

Around the same time the artist Simon Bull painted a picture with a sky of wild storm clouds from this very same spot. Ever since I've regretted not having the 165 to buy it. (equivalent today to 500)

The period dress of orange thigh-length cagoule dates the picture (taken Oct 1986) .  The seriously eroded ascent to Dollywagon Pike (a major route to Helvellyn) has since been transformed into a rock staircase.

Apart from that, and the style and colour of waterproof jackets, nothing has changed in 25 years.


1912 postcard : same view of Grisedale Tarn


Postcard of the same view in 1912. Compare the erosion on Dollywagon Pike. Some things do change.



the view from above:


Grisedale Tarn from the St Sunday Crag/Cofa Pike col

Seat Sandal and Grisedale Tarn from the St Sunday Crag/Cofa Pike col  ~ the descent path to the tarn leads down in front of the crag

the MR training helicopter provided much entertainment circling the tarn  and with repeated landings on Fairfield


thumbnail : Noblex camera : link